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4943 Breezefair Rd   Freeland, WA  98249   360.678.5100


WA State Contractor’s License# CC SCHISCL884C7


Building Design - We interview you to learn about you, your family and how you use your home space.  Do you entertain much? How do you cook? What are your hobbies? Do you have health concerns requiring special accomodations? Do you sometimes (or always) work from home? Are you planning to have more children? Do family and friends visit often? Do you have pets? Do you have special storage requirements?


Building Layout and Site Design - Helping you make the most of your building site.  Orienting your house to maximize sun and view exposures and to prevent future drainage and erosion problems are all important elements of our service to you. We have extensive land use and shoreline planning experience.


Engineering - We rely on sound engineering.  Our projects are reviewed by a licensed engineer.


Permits - We have extensive experience with Island County and the Town of Coupeville building departments.  We will jump through the hoops for you.


Contracts - Our contract is ten pages long - everything is spelled out up-front in clear language.


Materials - Whidbey has a perennial problem with not always having necessary building supplies on hand.  We order from our suppliers with adequate lead time to assure timely material delivery.


Labor - Much of our work is done by our company employees.  As a father-son partnership, we have over 50 years of experience designing and building custom homes and remodels.  The sub-contractors we do use are top-notch, well established, licensed and bonded.


Follow-up - If problems arise or adjustments are necessary, we're here in your neighborhood to take care of things at your convenience.


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